With our new website blog now live, we thought what better time to explore the topic of blogs, than our first WP Creative blog post. 

An overlooked and underused section on many company websites – producing regular business blogs is a fantastic tool in driving traffic to your website. In this article we will be looking at… 

What we mean by a business blog, whether you need one and most importantly some simple blog post ideas you can take away and use on your company website now. 

What is a Company Website Blog? 

Have you read a business blog recently? To answer this we need to first look at what they are – if you are only thinking of blog posts as company news updates for example, then the answer may well be no. However, now consider it this way, when was the last time you typed a question into Google looking for a product or service and the answer you clicked on took you through to a company website. The article that generated that click through was most likely a blog post. It’s a brilliant way of increasing visibility online and reaching potential clients. 

Put simply, a business blog is the area of your website you can easily add information about your organisation. A free online marketing tool to increase awareness of your products or services. It’s the place to add articles, not only with company updates, or things that are new, but fresh content demonstrating what you do as a business regularly. 

Do you need a blog on your business website? 

The short answer is yes! If you have the capacity to write blog posts then you should. Every business has something to share. Ultimately, it’s a free content marketing tool with the power to build brand awareness.  

There are many benefits, one of the most powerful being SEO – every time you publish a new article, you are encouraging Google to rank your website in its search results. Not only that, but you are demonstrating to search engines that you update your website with new content regularly (A big plus point for them, when they are considering which websites to display)  

UK Business Blog Post Ideas  

Next up, let’s consider what the key areas are to cover on your blog posts, alongside some examples and ideas to get you started 

Questions – Specifically the questions your clients and customers (current and new) could be asking about your business. Start by creating a list and see what blog posts you can base around them.  

For example: if you are a local florist – imagine someone has forgotten a family members special occasion and needs to send a gift that will arrive the next day. If you write a blog post detailing your booking and delivery process, including specific cut off for next day flowers in your area, you are increasing your chances of appearing in Google searches when someone is considering who to order from.  

Another way to use questions to structure your blog posts (and ultimately drive traffic) is to also write articles that answer those your potential clients have about your niche, but not necessarily your business.  

For example: A local gym may successfully drive awareness of its brand, writing healthy living articles. Blog posts about other local activities to do in the area that promote a healthy lifestyle, recipe blogs using local ingredients or even posts centred around exercises to do at home. If these are read by local people, they then have the potential to build up this gym as the go to place for expert advice on getting healthy in the area. Helping to establish this brand in potential customers minds.  

Insights – Blogging for your business, also provides you with a platform to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche. People buy from people and the more you present yourself as understanding and taking an active part in your chosen industry, the more people will buy into what you do. Not only does it build trust, but its creating interesting content, with a personal slant.  

For example: If you run a hospitality setting and technology advances are changing an aspect of your business – your personal take on this would make a good blog post. Take customers ordering via an app rather than in person. Is it something you do, what have you noticed and how does it change the customer experience?  As well as advising customers what they can expect when they visit your business, all of these points are helping to build up more of a personal picture of your brand. 

Personality – People buy from people, so sharing who you are, as well as what you do is important. You could create blog posts on individual team members, latest projects you’ve been working on, a behind the scenes glimpse of the company, or a day in the life detailing different roles and they fit together. All of these not only bring you to life, showing the faces behind the company but they are also an easy way to organically add more keywords related to your industry. 

Ultimately a valuable blog post, is one written with your customers in mind. If you’d like some help planning or writing blogs for your business, get in touch and see how we can help.