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Create Your Unique Brand Identity with WP Creative.

We’re all about turning your brand into something unforgettable. Our team is here to dive deep into what makes your brand tick – from its look to its voice. Let’s embark on a journey together to make your brand stand out, connect with your audience, and leave a lasting impression.

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A Suffolk branding agency that wants to get inside your business.

All our branding projects start with getting to know you and your business. As a Suffolk branding agency, we want to get a real understanding of your business and the values that you want your brand to uphold. We research the marketplace and look at your competitors to make sure that your branding resonates with your target audience.

Creating a brand that lasts

We create powerful brands that have longevity. Your brand will convey your business values to your target audience and will tell them who you are and what you do. When we have an in-depth knowledge of your business we will produce a brand strategy that will bring your ideas to life.

Our branding services include: Logo Design, Rebranding, Brand Identity, Icon sets, Social Media Graphics, Brand Guidelines and Tone of voice

Why Rebrand?

Is your brand looking tired and needs a new lease of life?

It’s a common situation where your business has evolved and the brand doesn’t convey the correct message anymore. We can help you to produce something that works with your business and help reconnect with your audience with the right look and feel.

In some cases, this could be simply a case of tweaking what you have or starting afresh. We can review your current brand and evaluate how effectively it connects with your current business and target audience.

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As a Branding Agency in Suffolk we feel Consistency is key

Consistency that flows through your entire organisation is a vital part to a good brand. Brand guidelines, which are like an instruction manual on how to use your brand will ensure you get this consistency. This document will outline how your brand should be used across all your design materials. From signage, vehicles, company uniforms and business stationery brand guidelines will ensure that your company’s appearance is consistent across the board.

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