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About Us.

Who are WP Creative?

WP Creative are a small design and marketing agency in Sudbury, Suffolk. WP Creative was founded by Matt Patrick and John White both who had been working in the industry for over 10 years separately. After meeting and collaborating on several projects together something clicked and they had the idea to start their own Suffolk marketing agency, WP Creative was born! We may be small, but we have all the tools to deliver big results. We give all our clients our complete attention, we offer a highly personal service, and you will always deal with us directly.

We love what we do and are passionate about seeing our clients succeed. We are always responsive and look to forge strong long-lasting relationships with our clients. The foundation of our business is built on recommendations and existing clients returning to us, this makes it even more important to us to make sure you are happy with our service and we are delivering on your targets.

We are of the mindset of if you grow, we will grow. It’s in our best interest to help you succeed and we will do everything in our power to help you do this. We will do this by listening to your needs and goals, meticulously planning a strategy, and delivering innovative high-quality solutions with measurable targets.

We’re more than just an agency; we’re an extension of your business collaborating with you to help you succeed. As a local Suffolk marketing agency, we integrate ourselves into your business to enable us to create marketing strategies that best target your customers.

Why not come and see us to discuss your requirements over a coffee or maybe a pint if it’s a Friday 😉

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Our Team

We are a friendly, approachable agency who are only ever a phone call or email away should you have any issues. Our approach is personal, you will always have direct contact to us so no middlemen or long wait times.

Matt Patrick

Creative Director

Matt is our Creative Director. With twenty plus years of graphic design experience, coupled with his creative flair, his magic lies in creating clever visuals. The beauty comes when his complex detail work produces dynamic company brands - transforming all manor of fragmented subject matter, into slick cohesive company imagery.

Most likely to be found…walking Dotty, his over enthusiastic cocker with his family, or having a beer or too in his home town of Sudbury.

Least likely to say…"That will do" If there's a detail to be found that needs tweaking, Matt's the man to find it.

John White

Technical Director

John is our Technical Director – a seasoned web developer whose talent is building sophisticated websites crammed with invisible, intricate code. His magic touch turns the most complex of businesses into effortless websites that are intuitive to use.

Most likely to be found… eating out at one of his favourite gastro pubs or watching his beloved rangers.

Least likely to be…the first in the office. he's definitely more of a night owl.

Issy Joslin

Marketing Manager

Issy is our Marketing Manager. Experienced writing online content and social media management, her background spans editorial work, as well as in house supporting brands make more sales. Issy knows how to identify and reach an audience. Always finding a way however dry the subject, to turn company information into interesting and engaging copy.

Most likely to be found…stood at the side of a freezing football pitch cheering on her son or scrolling and posting on Instagram at home, making silly reels.

Least likely to be found…going for a country walk, unless there’s some tempting pubs or shops along the way, Issy’s always happier indoors.

Lewy Shepherd

SEO Specialist

Liam Shepherd, better known as Lewy is our SEO Specialist. Having worked for years in leading digital marketing agencies, he is now an independent SEO consultant, working closely with us here at WP Creative.

His skills lie in combining his web expertise, along with the time taken to fully understand clients and their SEO needs.

The data insights he gathers then work together to create long term evergreen objectives that deliver.

Our Process

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We believe any successful project starts with conversations to really get under the skin of your business and get a true understanding of what it is you are looking to achieve and any problems you are currently facing. Only once we have this understanding can we then go about planning a strategy to help you achieve your goals. Once we have a plan in place, we can then get started creating the marketing materials we believe you require to really launch your business to the next level.

We Listen

We Plan

We Deliver

Our Clients

Big or small, every client has the same treatment, as afterall our goal is to help you achieve your goal.

Our Values

WP Creative was formed because its founders shared a set of core values. Both are local to the Sudbury, Suffolk area with a strong sense of community and a passion to help local businesses succeed. In the current environment we know how difficult it is for businesses and we want to help them improve their marketing and launch their businesses to the next level.


We love what we do but what we are passionate about is bringing success to our clients. Nothing gives us more of a buzz than seeing the work we do benefit our clients and their businesses. When you succeed, we succeed.


We are 100% transparent with our clients. We like to keep things simple in what can sometimes be a confusing marketplace. We have no hidden costs, the price we quote is the price you pay. We understand that cheaper options will always be available, but we believe we provide great value for money and our clients see a great return on their investment.


Being based in the small town of Sudbury our local community is very important to us. Many of our clients are local and we are always looking to see what we can to do to help. Where possible we try to use local suppliers, so we reinvest locally, and we also have built up partnerships with local charities and community organisations.