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When you are looking for a product or service a search engine is normally everyone’s first port of call. Pay per click, otherwise known as PPC marketing allows you to have an almost instant impact and get your website in front of the right people at the right time.

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Pay Per Click advertising is a form of marketing where you effectively pay for each click of your ad. You can set a budget, define an audience, and create a set keywords that are relevant to your advertisement. As an established PPC agency in Suffolk, we can help design and manage a successful PPC campaign that targets your customers and maximises your investment. We will work to get to know your target audience so we can build your campaign around them.

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Everyone wants to be at the top of the search results. The reality is that using organic techniques such as search engine optimisation although great, takes time. PPC advertisements put you at front of the line and push you right to the top. We make sure your advertisement budget works hard for you and delivers a high return on investment.  

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PPC works best when used in conjunction with other marketing services. A PPC Google campaign for example, combined with organic SEO and Social Media Marketing can be a powerful combination that delivers great results. We use our skills and experience to create engaging copy and eye-catching visuals that make your PPC campaigns stand out from the crowd.

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We continuously monitor your PPC campaign’s performance, providing clear insights and collaborating with you to pinpoint areas for enhancement and increased results. In essence, our goal is to ensure the efficiency of your PPC campaign in reaching your customers, driving lead generation, and optimising your investment – all while delivering tangible results.

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