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01. The Brief

Fuelled by a passion for football shirts the client approached us with an ambitious dream to create a multi-vendor platform for selling football shirts. Given our own deep affection for the beautiful game, we were honoured to be selected as the partners to help this startup stand out in the competitive landscape, crafting a distinctive brand and website aimed at enticing football shirt enthusiasts away from established platforms like eBay.

This multi-vendor ecommerce website serves as a centralised hub where sellers can establish their own shops and showcase their array of football shirts, whether they possess one or thousands. It was imperative that the website be equipped to facilitate global sales. Additionally, the platform required a dynamic blog section where the founder and other enthusiasts could share compelling content focused around football shirts. Creating a sense of community on the website was important to the client enriching the experience for buyers, sellers, and those with a keen interest in this growing market.

A paramount concern was ensuring integrity and authenticity. It was essential to instil confidence in both new buyers and sellers alike, assuring them of the genuineness and legitimacy of every aspectβ€”from the sellers themselves to the transactional procedures.

02. What we did

As a startup business, our primary focus was on establishing a captivating brand with a bold logo that resonates with the target market, complemented by a vibrant colour palette to ensure maximum impact. We incorporated bright secondary colours to represent their core offerings: Buy, Sell, and Want. To further reinforce the brand, we integrated supporting graphic elements such as icons and backgrounds, conveying the message that AFS is a reputable company to engage with.

Moving on to the website, we worked closely with the client creating wireframes to outline the page layouts and functionality. Recognising the importance of clarity and simplicity in user experience, we ensured both the front-facing interface and the backend were user-friendly, so sellers can effortlessly upload products and set up their own stores. Subsequently, we integrated the brand elements, including images and copy, into the design to create an aesthetically pleasing experience. With approval obtained, we proceeded to development, transforming this new website into the ultimate community hub for buying and selling football shirts.

03. The Conclusion

Together with the client we successfully created a complete brand and online hub for the ever expanding football shirt community. Since launch the website has experienced rapid growth, with an abundance of sellers flocking to set up their stores and successfully selling football shirts. It’s exciting to witness the platform grow and has received positive feedback from buyers and sellers alike . As more sellers join and more products are offered, the platform will continue to grow, fostering a thriving online marketplace for the passionate football shirt community.

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