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01. The Brief

One Environmental based in Witham Essex, specialises in M&E maintenance, compliance & projects. They are dedicated to self-delivery, ensuring they not only meet but exceed your compliance and mechanical needs. Their services encompass PPM, reactive maintenance, and project works across various market sectors.

Over the years, they have years of experience working across diverse sectors, gaining insights into the operational constraints and demands unique to each environment. Their clientele ranges from educational institutions like the Royal College of Art to hospitality giants such as the Marriott Bonvoy hotel group.

We were tasked with revitalising their brand through fresh marketing materials, tailored for both digital and print platforms, injecting new vitality into their brand image.

02. What we did

Starting from an established brand provided us with a solid foundation to elevate the brand further, creating their new marketing materials with a cleaner and fresher aesthetic.

Recognising the need for a comprehensive update, we devised various strategies to revamp the original materials. One notable enhancement was the addition of a pocket at the back of the brochure. This pocket offers enhanced flexibility, allowing for the inclusion of a range of case study sheets, thereby tailoring the brochures to suit the specific requirements of potential clients. To personalise this feature even further, we incorporated slots within the pocket to accommodate business cards.

Aligned with their commitment to sustainability, we proposed printing the materials on eco-friendly Revive recycled stock. This not only resonates with their ethos but also provides a pleasing tactile finish.

We also created a digital brochure from this, which was utilised for various social media campaigns, view digital brochure here

The success of the brochure led to further projects, including the creation of a notepad with a square pattern, facilitating engineers in sketching out their needs while on-site. These notepads were also produced using the recycled stock. Additionally, we extended our services to crafting interactive PowerPoint presentations for their pitch meetings and designing LinkedIn ads to bolster their team.

03. The Conclusion

In general, we’ve provided One Environmental with a range of marketing materials that they’re not only proud of but, more importantly, are effectively converting into contracts with new clients, resulting in a significant return on investment for them.

Our collaboration with them remains ongoing, and moving forward, we plan to focus on enhancing their website and producing another brochure to further bolster their marketing efforts.

04. Client Says

We approached WP Creative to help us create a new brochure, we were so impressed with the final product we were more than happy to partner up with them on further projects, the attention to detail, creative flair, understanding of what we require and delivering all the goods with in tight deadlines has been simply fantastic.

We cannot recommend them highly enough and they act as an impressive extension to our business.

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