When they started, social media platforms where all about the individual. They thrived on feeling and being personal. Yet as pokes and likes turned into shares and adverts – the social giants grew, and they encouraged all of us to grow with them, adding our own business pages and profiles alongside our personal ones.  

With this as a foundation and the ingrained idea that your social media profile is a personal representation of you, it’s then hardly surprising that many businesses in turn, feel very personal about how they run their social pages 

Looking at this topic through this prism – we want to show you how this isn’t the only way. Not only that, but also why handing over the reins of your socials to someone else, could in fact be a good thing.  

1, When done well, it can take up a lot of time  

 A successful business social media page has two important elements – consistent posting and quality content, both of which take time and resources to achieve.  Time that could be spent instead utilising your skills on what you do best, running and building your business. If your posts are lacking in either of these, it could be time to consider using a social media manager.  

2, It’s not just about posting 

Utilising a social media service gives your business pages the best chance to grow organically. Posting on social media is just one part of the puzzle. Engaging with other accounts, maintaining bios and profiles, promoting your content and building up a community – all of these combined, contribute to growing your pages and more importantly selling your business services.  

3, Strategy matters 

Being active on social media personally, doesn’t necessarily translate to engaging professionally successfully. The two are very different. Your business social profiles are like any other marketing activity – it should be underpinned by strategy. If this is not your expertise then why not engage a marketing agency to create this strategy.  Designed with your ideal client in mind, posts should always be focussed on telling your brand story –  showcasing your services,  while also answering customer questions.   

4, Lurkers are everywhere 

People spend hours every day on social media. Just because they haven’t liked your posts doesn’t mean they haven’t seen it. Many also use social profiles as part of their research when using a new company. When deciding who to go with, the likelihood is, part of that process will be, scrolling down your Facebook page or looking you up on twitter. If it’s out of date this reflects badly on you from the outset. A quick scroll of your pages should always give a potential customer a flavour of your company and leave them wanting to know more. If you don’t have the capacity to keep it updated why not outsource it.  

5, A fresh eye can give a different perspective 

It’s your business, so you are rightly very close to it and often companies can get stuck in a rut posting the same type of content and not necessarily the best kind. Not only this, but social media needs to be tweaked depending on which platform and audience you are talking to. This is where speaking with an agency about how to relate to your different audiences can really help.  

6, It’s not necessarily as expensive as you may think  

If you are starting from scratch every time you post (especially if this is without a strategy or content calendar) social media can end up being something you have to think about daily. Yet when done by an agency this process is streamlined, meaning your posts can all be planned and scheduled in advance using prompts and templates, so it might not take as long or cost as much you think it would 

7, The success of your socials will impact the success of your business 

We are not saying you can’t have a successful business without it, but social media is such a powerful inexpensive marketing tool, that we believe it’s always worth the effort to get it right.   

Would you like some help setting up, strategising, or running your business social media pages? Check out our social media services or get in touch to see how we can help