Ever since WP creative was launched, conversations have been bubbling away in the background about how as a business we can also use our skills to also benefit other organisations as well as our clients.  

Alongside our own success, we want to ensure our positive impact stretches further…    

Our next goal is to offer our services in a different way. This is why we are launching a new campaign to help our local community.  

Introducing our New Service Offering -WP Community…

This is what we will be looking at today: What our volunteering scheme is, what we’ve done so far and most importantly how local charities and organisations you know, could benefit from it.  

What is WP Community?

Let’s start with what it is – WP community is us still offering our services, but this time for free. We’ve allocated one a day a month to solely focus on these projects. The type of work we will do, is wide open. Essentially any of the different services we offer, as along as its time rather than resources, we are happy to offer it.

Our First Project

We are pleased to share we have already completed our first project for St Gregory’s primary School in Sudbury, Suffolk. After a full-on year getting the school back to normal after COVID, we were able to lighten the load for them a little, by taking over the design of their year 6 leavers book. Our Creative Director Matt Patrick designed them a fun and engaging professional layout that really brought their images and copy to life.

Who is the Scheme for? 

Being located on the Suffolk, Essex border means local to us, is the Eastern region. Although we have a national reach and have worked on large projects throughout the UK, a large percentage of our clients are close, based within Suffolk, with lots in and around Sudbury itself. Therefore, we envisage the majority of the work coming from local organisations, but we will also happily help out further afield when we can.

How to get Involved

If you are involved with local organisations or charities that could use our help, please let us know. 

You can either head over to our WP Community page and fill in our online form or another easy way to share the word about it and let other charities know, is over on our socials – we will be sharing posts over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook inviting people to get involved and tag their friends and contacts.