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01. The Brief

HAWK London, a pioneering lens and equipment rental company, embarked on a mission to introduce HAWK lenses to the UK’s television and film industry. They approached us at WP Creative with a clear vision – to establish a strong online presence that not only showcased their products but also embodied the essence of quality and sophistication, reflecting the premium nature of their offerings.

Beyond a visually striking design, the website needed to encapsulate the spirit of HAWK London. This included dedicated sections for company information, a glimpse into their workspace, and an avenue for potential talents to explore career opportunities. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate these elements into a cohesive and visually captivating platform that would resonate with their target audience in the film and television industry.

02. What we did

Our design strategy centered around simplicity and elegance. We opted for a timeless black and white colour palette, providing a sleek backdrop that allowed the showcased videos and images to take center stage. This not only aligned with the client’s desire for a high-end feel but also maximised the impact of their portfolio.

We organised the website into easily navigable sections, ensuring that using a range of filters visitors could effortlessly explore the array of lenses and equipment available for rental.

To highlight the prestige associated with HAWK lenses, we created a credits page to showcase the impressive list of projects where their lenses were utilised. Subtle animations were strategically employed to impart a sense of luxury and sophistication, reinforcing the premium quality of the brand.

The website also aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of HAWK London beyond their products. We emphasised their role as more than just a rental service, positioning them as the bridge between a director’s vision and the audience’s imagination. The website was tailored to convey the company’s commitment to making the magic of movie-making accessible to all, fostering creativity and innovation.

03. The Conclusion

In bringing the HAWK London website to life, we not only met but exceeded the expectations set by the brief. The seamless integration of the company’s identity with a visually stunning lens showcase is a testament to our commitment to delivering excellence. HAWK London’s online presence is now a true reflection of their commitment to introducing HAWK lenses to the UK market, inviting filmmakers of all scales to embark on a journey of cinematic excellence. We are proud to have played a part in establishing HAWK London as a new force, ensuring that every frame on their website tells a story of quality, creativity, and lasting impact.

04. Client Says

Final Outcome: The end result of our collaboration with WP Creative has left us very happy. The website they delivered not only met but exceeded our expectations, embodying the essence of Hawk London while providing an intuitive and engaging user experience for our visitors. It’s a testament to WP Creative’s dedication to excellence and their skill in bringing their clients’ visions to life.

In conclusion, our experience with WP Creative has been exceptionally positive. Their ability to deliver fast, troubleshoot effectively, communicate clearly, and exceed expectations has not only resulted in a fantastic new website for Hawk London but has also set a high standard for what we expect from digital partners. We wholeheartedly recommend WP Creative to any business looking to elevate their online presence.

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